Shipping Policy

Domestic Shipping (Within the UAE)
Your order will arrive within these delivery estimates, based on your location and selected shipping speed. When you place an order, you credit card is immediately charged. Included in your payment is a pre-calculated fee for shipping.
You will also have the option to pay Cash on Delivery, when you receive your shipments from the courier
Below are the charges based on ordering date, no of items, amount & location.
* refers to all working day for ordering / Shipping / Delivery
Note :
Delivery estimates for Next Day shipments to destinations that don't have weekend delivery are based on two business day transit times, not including Friday or Saturday.
Free Shipping Threshold applies to items with total purchases of AED 1,000 or above.
International Shipping (Within the UAE)
Once the payments is received, your order will be shipped with 2 days via courier.It should not take more than 3-5 business days for the receipt of items at your doorsteps.
Included in your payment is a pre-calculated fee for shipping, Customs & local taxes if any.
Pickup Points
You can pick up your shipments at your convenience from our Store. Please call us to get more details on the pick up location. Pick up will not incur any delivery charges.

About Billing and Shipping Addresses

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Your billing address must match the address that appears on your credit card or bank statement. Be sure to check your statement for accuracy.


  • Enter information in the appropriate fields. Provide the correct information in the below fields:
    • Country - Make sure that the country is showing as United Arab Emirates.
    • Full Name
    • Mobile Number - This should be a valid mobile number without any prefixes (+971 or 0), spaces and dashes. This number will be used to assist with scheduling delivery.
    • Street Address - Enter the complete street address.
    • Building name/no., floor, apartment, or villa no.
    • City - Select your city from the pre-defined list.
    • Area - Select your area from the pre-defined list.
    • Nearest Landmark - A landmark helps us in locating your address. Please specify a well-known place near your address like a Mall, Hotel, Gas Station, etc.
  • Avoid using accent marks or non-English characters. Our systems can't process Arabic characters at the moment, by entering these into any of the address fields may delay delivery of your orders.


  • Do not enter shipping or delivery instructions in any of the address fields. You can use the Select Address Type option and choose either Home or Office. The address types are used to plan your delivery. However, shipments can sometimes arrive early or later than planned.
    • For office/commercial addresses, we make our best effort to deliver on weekdays, between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.
    • For home addresses, we make our best effort to deliver on all days except Friday, between 7.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. Friday promises are available for home addresses in select cities.